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Re: LaTeX question?

On Sun, 1 Dec 1996, Jonas Bofjall wrote:

> I have a feeling that this question is very off-topic here, but in that
> case I would appreciate if I am told where it is not. I installed Debian
> on a computer mainly to run LaTeX, but I don't understand really what I
> need to do. I installed almost everything on the TeX disks.

Install teTeX off of sunsite under /pub/Linux/apps/tex/teTeX.  It works
great and installation is pretty straight-forward.  Its not a debian
package, but it includes all of the latest binaries to use latex (xdvi,
dvips, latex, etc..)

> When I try to run latex it just complains that it can't find the default
> format files (or something). I found out from reading the man-pages over

I seem to remember something from the log files on the debian install that
the preinst (or postinst) procedures break when setting up latex.  Seems
that it complains that the currently installed version is "out of date -
get the latest latex distribution from xxx.xxx.xxx" and fails to make
several .cfg files (namely, default.cfg)


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