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Re: What is happening with Debian 1.2

In <57qfru$fbt@earth.superlink.net> dcinege@fuckthejunkmailers.org (Dave Cinege) writes:
> Hey genius's! *WHY* don't you just put both 3.1 AND 3.2 in, and make your 
> concerns clear in the docs? 

That was one of the options that was discussed.  To find out all the
reasons why it was ruled out, go read the debian-devel archives on the

Rehashing it in debian-user is probably not a good idea.  First, it is
basically a moot point since the (IMHO correct) decision has already
been made and secondly, anyone who is actually interested in this type
of debate should be reading/posting to debian-devel anyway.

Wayne Schlitt can not assert the truth of all statements in this
article and still be consistent.

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