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Re: Will Caldera's WABI run on a Debian system?

[At the risk of being flamed for having a non-Debian discussion here...]

"Shaya Potter writes:"
> What I remember reading was that WABI actually was able to run more 
> windows apps if you installed windows and ran the apps through it, then 
> if you would run the apps directly from WABI.  

No, that's not true.

> However, what doesn't make sense to me about this approach is how can it 
> run windows. Windows, from my understanding, interacts on a very low 
> level with dos, and WABI isn't a pc emulator, it justs emulates window 
> system calls.

Wabi doesn't run the KERNEL, GDI and USER DLLs.  You are correct, these
work at a very low level.  Wabi provides emulation for these APIs.
It still requires MS Windows install disks unconditionally at install
time.  Wabi uses various other components from MS Windows such as the OLE
DLLs, applets, fonts, help files and various utilities such as the program
manager and file manager.  Of course the most important thing it requires
is Solitaire.

If you would like to discuss this furthur, please join us on the Caldera Wabi
email list (caldera-wabi@caldera.com).


Ron Holt <ron@caldera.com> Caldera, Inc.

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