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Re: Will Caldera's WABI run on a Debian system?

"Bruce Perens writes:"
> From: Ron Holt <ron@caldera.com>
> "Bruce Perens writes:"
> >> I think WINE is a technically superior approach to WABI, and I hope
> >> the availability of WABI doesn't impede WINE's progress.
> > Why?  Wine's approach is quite similar to Wabi's.
> I'd heard that WABI was usually run with some MS components - in fact
> you "installed Windows" into it, although perhaps only to get some desktop
> stuff like the file browser. Am I mistaken? WINE comes with its own versions
> of the desktop tools.

Wabi 1.x was MS free if I remember.  Quite a bit of work went into writing
replacements for the program manager, file manager, etc.  But here's
the way Sun explains their current approach:

Q: Why must Microsoft Windows be installed with Wabi 2.x?

A: SunSoft requires users to install Microsoft Windows with Wabi 2.x
   to ensure that all of the certified applications will execute
   properly in the Wabi environment.  Some of the applications
   certified to run under Wabi require the presence of certain
   Dynamically Linked Libraries (DLLs) that no longer ship with the
   applications themselves.  Instead, such applications rely on DLLs
   provided by Microsoft Windows.

   To meet our customer requirements, SunSoft has chosen to invest its
   engineering resources in improving performance and creating new
   functionality for Wabi rather than replicating all of the DLLs in MS

   This decision has enabled the Wabi development team to concentrate on
   delivering a high quality product and will permit ongoing
   development to focus on new features and enhancements.  Please
   note that although the applets (accessory programs) that ship with
   Microsoft Windows will run under Wabi, the presence of MS Windows
   does not otherwise affect the number of applications that are able
   to run under Wabi.

The difficulty in cloning OLE 2.0 was one of the main reasons for now
requiring MS Windows.


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