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WWW Proxy Authentication

I have set up a debian linux server at our local high school running an
Apache WWW server with the proxy module. 

Caching works great but we also need proxy authentication. I am familiar
with how to do this using Netscape Proxy but the functionality is not
(yet) supported by Apache and is specifically excluded from the feature
list for the next version (1.2)...

Basically, rather than prevent student/staff access to web pages before
the fact, we have set up an 'acceptable use policy' and plan to log
their actual use (the users are fully made aware that this will happen).
Then if someone complains we can look back at the facts. In this way, we
hope to stifle the neo-luddites who would categorically deny web access
to all students.

This scheme requires identification of the user, as the machines (mostly
macs) can be used by anybody. Netscape Proxy does this nicely but
doesn't run on Linux...

Anyone have a good idea?


Michael Laing

P.S. This server is a big hit at the H.S. - students create web pages on
their macs & drop them in their personal appleshare folders (netatalk on
the server) then Apache serves them out. I have also copied CDROM's into
hard disk partitions and we have yet to find an upper limit on the
number of macs that can use them simultaneously AND with much better
performance than if mounted locally (10-20 users seems reasonable, maybe

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