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Re: Mailing lists back up

Bruce Wrote:
> From: wire@hon109.iscs.nus.sg (Tan Wee Yeh)
> [the $1000 charge for advertising]
> > I love and support this scheme :)
> > Maybe it should be extended to things like those
> > get-rich-fast pyramid schemes.
> What? They're not spammers? I do consider it spam, and advertising, and
> chargable.

Oops.. guess I missed that they are adverts too..
good fine them!! :)
> > One thing though, this list is relatively free of spammers.
> Because I go after every one. I've also called up the spamware suppliers
> and have asked them to filter out the debian.org domain.
Good work... 

If only all newsgroups/mailing-list are managed by people
like you...

Just me,
Wire ...

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