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Re: Managing a network of Debian machines?

On Sat, 23 Nov 1996, Nelson Minar wrote:

> I've been a user of RedHat for the last year and a half. RedHat in
> general is a nice distribution, but the only reason I really use it is
> for RPM, the package manager. One thing that RPM cannot really help
> with is managing a whole network of workstations. Say I have ten Linux
> machines with a package manager I want all ten to stay synchronized,
> to have the same version of all packages. How do I do this?

Something I've been thinking of doing is mounting an nfs filesystem which
contains the packages to install on each client. This filesystem could be
either common for all clients, for some clients or individual to each

On each client there should be a script started with crontab that ran dpkg
on all packages on that nfs mounted directory. All you have to do is to
copy the packages you want installed to this directory on the "master"

One problem is how to handle dependencies on each client. You must have the
possibility to specify that some packages should be installed before

And I do agree with you; managing a small network with debian machines is
doable by mounting a cdrom from one machine to all the others and then run
dpkg with rsh. But with a larger network this will become tedious.

        Bengt-Ove Johansson!

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