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Re: Please do not use Qt (fwd)

On Sun, 24 Nov 1996, Herbert Xu wrote:

> > like Pandora's box.  Programs relying on the old Qt will function as 
> > always.  Free programs relying on the new, unreleased, pay-for-it Qt... 
> > well, there just won't be many of those around.
> If there were no bugs in that "free" version.

I already said, irrelevant.

> > As for not being able modify Qt, not really.  Qt supports inheritance, so
> > can be modified at a higher abstraction.  Your argument is based on FUD. 
> > Meanwhile the freeware community diddles around with various uncompleted
> > toolkits. 
> Again, this assumes the parent classes are bug free.  But remember that


> And as far as I am concerned there is no point in using Qt for developping
> kde when there are other free alternatives around, such as V.

At last, an argument that might actually have substance.

> > <flame>
> > Where is the plethora of excellent concepts and toolkits?  Seems the big
> > commercial OSes get those (MacOS, Windows, OS/2 -- not neglecting NeXT, 
> > it just didn't get to the big status).  So, what went wrong?
> > </flame>
> There is a plethora of toolkits; concepts? Don't know.

The word excellent is missing from your sentence.

> I don't mind individual programs such as nethack using Qt.  What I
> dislike is people putting in a lot of time and effort developping
> things like kde on top of a non-free toolkit like Qt when there are
> viable free alternatives around.

Your opinion.  Personally, I'd like KDE to be as library independent as 
possible, however, not much chance of that (at least until somebody 
assembles a wrapper library).  

> Debian GNU/Linux 1.1 is out! { http://www.debian.org/ }

Look, I'm not trying to get Qt included in Debian, Debian is the work of 
its developers.  If it does not contain something, that something can 
be added later by the sysadmin.

William Burrow  --  Fredericton Area Network, New Brunswick, Canada
Copyright 1996 William Burrow  
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