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Re: Please do not use Qt (fwd)

On Fri, 22 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Yes. However, we still might look askance at Qt due to the other licensing
> terms, which are more restrictive than the GPL, especially since V (another
> C++ GUI) is under the GPL.
> Please understand I'm not making a technical criticisim. I just wish they
> would GPL the darned thing and leave it at that.

They may be afraid of the situation that some other authors run into with 
freely distributable packages.  For example, Knuth's TeX package had some 
of the fonts changed by someone other than the author.  While the Knuth 
does not care if the fonts are modified, he really cares that the 
modified fonts were of the same name as his fonts.  

The result of the changed fonts were documents that looked different on
different installations of TeX (depending on whether the site got the
original fonts or not).  This is very undesirable from the author's point
of view, as he put considerable effort into ensuring that documents 
produced with TeX look the same regardless of the hardware used (within 
physical limits).  

While the Qt authors may have different concerns than Knuth does over 
TeX, the idea may be the same:  modified versions may reflect badly on 
Troll Tech.

William Burrow  --  Fredericton Area Network, New Brunswick, Canada
Copyright 1996 William Burrow  
The above is pure speculation.

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