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Re: Strange behavior of lpr+lpd

I can not comment on the thread as developed so far, but let me add that
since I have moved to debian1.1, lpr does not reliably print to a printer
that worked for 0.93. 
The printer is an Apple 16/600 accessed directly via tcp/ip. If i send a
printjob to a different IP address that is a Gatorbox that forwards jobs to
the same 16/600, all is fine. 

I originally thought the problem was for printjobs sent to the printer via
stdin (ie the "print" button xpdf, etc), but I had a couple of failures for
regular files. The final straw was when my linux box apparently was flooding
the printer with some sort of communication, thus choking it for hours at a

I am afraid that since this was at work, I have not had time to pursue a
rigorous debug of the situation. I have started to just use Windows for now
since Word documents emailed as attachments seem to be our stock in trade. I
had xbin in my old Linux but have not tracked it down again to build it for
the new kernel. 

Just rumbling to see if this rings a bell. i can record detailed release
numbers if necessary (I'm not in Linux  :-(   )


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