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RE: Laptop and PCMCIA

>I'm trying slowy to get my whole office over to Debian <g>, and
>the next machine I'm going to tackle is the TI-Extensa 560CD laptop.

I installed it on an Extensa 570CDT (except for X); no problems with the
base installation.  The CD-ROM is a standard ATAPI on /dev/hdb.  The fact
that there is a reboot involved between the last floppy disk and the first
CD usage made it quite simple (as the CD and FDD share one bay).

The fun started when I tried to get networking started.  The PCMCIA
package installed just fine, except that Debian tries to set up networking
BEFORE Card Services is installed.  I moved Card Services into
/etc/init.d/boot before the network is initialized, and added a 'sleep'
command that was just long enough to allow the Ethernet card (in slot A)
to initialize.

I suppose that moving Card Services into the 'networking' script is the
proper approach, but the bottom line was that it worked.

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