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Re: Newbie Question

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996 09:34:16 MST Wayne Richardson (wrichardson@wpmail.
code3.com) wrote:

> I have just installed the Debian Linux system on a 386 machine for
> "experimental" purposes and have transferred and installed the
> gnuchess.deb package (I used "dpkg --install  gnuchess.deb" because I
> am still trying to figure out what dselect does and how it works) .  Now
> how do I run the darn thing.  I have found the following files in the
> /usr/games directory:
> gnuchess
> gnuchessc
> gnuchessn
> gnuchessr
> gnuchessx
> What are all of these files and what do I do with them (Do I have to build
> an executable?).  Obviously I come from a "wintel" background and am
> expecting a .exe file but there isn't one here (or is there?).
> The attributes show them to be -rwxr-xr-x  (whatever that means)

There is nothing such like .exe under unix/linux. The x in the 
`attributes' (called permissions here) just mean executable.
Just try /usr/games/gnuchess, or if /usr/games is in your path, 

> Is this typical with other packages?  For example, I have also
> downloaded the ppp.deb package and installed it but where in the world
> did it put the executable files so that I can run it.  (I am still trying to get
> the PPP to work so that I don't have to download from my Windows 95
> machine and transfer everything over via diskette (very painful and slow
> and not feasible for the bigger packages).

You can mount your win95/dos partitions to that they appear do be in linux's directory tree like this:
	mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /mnt
                   ^       ^       ^---- DOS files will appear under there
                   |       |------------ The name of your partition
                   |-------------------- Type of your partition (for win95 
                                         I don't remeber the name, but this 
                                         should work for DOS drives).

Though that it might look very difficult at the beginning, installing linux should be a rewarding experience.
Good luck.


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