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Re: Newbie Question

From: Wayne Richardson <wrichardson@wpmail.code3.com>
> I have very basic questions...

Get an introduction to Unix at any good bookstore when you have a chance.
It will help a lot. That system is pretty deep.

> I used "dpkg --install  gnuchess.deb" because I am still trying to figure
> out what dselect does and how it works) .

If you can FTP the file
ftp://oak.scotch.wa.edu.au/pub/dselect.beginner.2.gz (use "binary" mode
if your FTP has one), put it on your system and use "zmore" to look at it.

> The attributes show them to be -rwxr-xr-x  (whatever that means)

The "x" means executable. You can probably type /usr/games/gnuchess and
get something to happen.

> Is this typical with other packages?  For example, I have also
> downloaded the ppp.deb package and installed it but where in the world
> did it put the executable files so that I can run it.

For any command, type "man command-name", "info command-name", and
go look in /usr/doc/command-name . "zmore" will view those .gz files.
If "man command-name" doesn't tell you anything, try "man -k command-name"
to see if that suggests the name of an appropriate man page.

PPP put configuration files in /etc/ppp, and "man pppd" (that's the
PPP server, or "daemon") will tell you about them.


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