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Newbie Question

Hi all,

I have a very basic questions that I feel pretty silly asking but here
I have just installed the Debian Linux system on a 386 machine for
"experimental" purposes and have transferred and installed the
gnuchess.deb package (I used "dpkg --install  gnuchess.deb" because I
am still trying to figure out what dselect does and how it works) .  Now
how do I run the darn thing.  I have found the following files in the
/usr/games directory:

What are all of these files and what do I do with them (Do I have to build
an executable?).  Obviously I come from a "wintel" background and am
expecting a .exe file but there isn't one here (or is there?).

The attributes show them to be -rwxr-xr-x  (whatever that means)

Is this typical with other packages?  For example, I have also
downloaded the ppp.deb package and installed it but where in the world
did it put the executable files so that I can run it.  (I am still trying to get
the PPP to work so that I don't have to download from my Windows 95
machine and transfer everything over via diskette (very painful and slow
and not feasible for the bigger packages).

Pardon my ignorance and thanks in advance,

Wayne Richardson
Advanced Software Engineer
3M Corp.

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