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Re: X is painful

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  Isn't X the GUI that started it all though?  And the codes are there
> for all to see; so perhaps it served as the reference from which
> MSWindows, MAC and the others have evolved?  The guys who wrote MAC
> and Windows must have studied X-Windows in college, right?

Nah, Xerox at PARC invented the GUI, they actually made a computer that 
used it, but it was really bad.  Both Steve Jobs (Mac guy) and Bill Gates 
visited PARC and saw their GUI.  They both saw that this was where the 
computer interface should head.  The rest is history.
>     Bill> And that environment is supposed to justify the complete
>     Bill> piece of crap that resulted?
>  You're complaining about hand-me-downs.  I'll bet there's some really
> neato in-house X stuff out there.

Not just in-house stuff, CDE is pretty nice, and so is NEXTSTEP as has 
been mentioned. 

On a sidebar, has anyone noticed that all of Jobs's companies have 
had good UIs. Apple, Next, 

Shaya Potter

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