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Re: X11 bashing

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry 'Daffy' Daffner <vizzie@airmail.net> writes:

    Larry> Martin Konold writes:
    -> In contrast to motif Qt is fully C++ OO.

    Larry> Buzzword bingo.  Just because it's written in C++ doesn't
    Larry> mean it's better.
    -> Qt comes with source.
    Larry> My mistake.  I was under the impression that Qt was
    Larry> binary-only. Sorry. But the source distribution is a sham,
    Larry> since you can not distribute modified copies of Qt.  All
    Larry> you can do with said source is submit patches to them,
    Larry> which become part of Qt, and are subject to the same
    Larry> restrictions.  So basically, with the source you have the
    Larry> right to work for TT without them paying you.

 I'm curious.  Is anyone using V++?  When I begin learning C++, I
think that V++ is the toolkit I will look into first.  It uses Athena
3d widgets; which could be extended and improved, from what I gather.

 I like how Athena widgets, under GWM, can be moved around by the
static parts of the interface, allowing frameless windows.  When I'm
ready to; when I learn more scheme/lisp, I want to make a tabnotebook
frame type for windows under GWM++.

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@teleport.com>
(K0D) AYG-GE01  Portland, OR, USA
:) Proudly running Linux 2.0.25 transname
and Debian GNU public software!

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