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Re: X11 bashing

Martin Konold writes:
-> In contrast to motif Qt is fully C++ OO.

Buzzword bingo.  Just because it's written in C++ doesn't mean it's
-> Qt comes with source.
My mistake.  I was under the impression that Qt was
binary-only. Sorry. But the source distribution is a sham, since you
can not distribute modified copies of Qt.  All you can do with said
source is submit patches to them, which become part of Qt, and are
subject to the same restrictions.  So basically, with the source you
have the right to work for TT without them paying you.

-> Just building proprietary sw without source.. cost money.
-> So it is really free and can be well used for gpled sw.

These two lines are directly conradictory.  Qt is not 'free'. You can
not modify and distribute Qt. You can not do anything at all with the
source except compile it, and perhaps work for TT for free by
providing them with patches.

-> Motif is outdated and broken in my eyes.

How is Motif 'outdated and broken'?  Details, please.

-> Lesstiff suffers a lot from beeing forced to implement all these crippled 
-> c stuff.
-> Qt if fully C++

Yet another strawman.  C is perfectly acceptable for the kernel and
99.999% of the programs running on your machine.  If you feel so
strongly that C is 'crippled', then you'd better start coding, because
you have a lot of programs to rewrite on your system :).

Besides, a large number of C++ compilers just turn it into C and
compile the C anyways.  So your argument here basically boils down to
'I'd rather write programs in C++ so everyone else should too.'.

I still haven't seen a valid reason to support KDE/Qt.


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