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Re: X11 bashing

In message <m0vPOhs-000AeuC@liw> you write:
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>"Larry 'Daffy' Daffner":
>> I still haven't seen a valid reason to support KDE/Qt.
>It looks better than Athena widgets. :-)
>(I use xaw95 myself. I haven't tried Qt or KDE, nor am I interested
>in with the current copyrights.)

Personally having looked at Qt and KDE I am waiting to see what comes
out of the Hyperion project.

For those who haven't heard of it, it is a multi platform development 
system written at the NCSA as is going to be used in the latest version 
of Xmosaic among other things.

It is similar in design to Qt but I suspect will have a better licencing

The big downside with it is that it isn't finished yet but such is life.


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