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Re: kernel version

On Sat, 16 Nov 1996 20:22:06 EST "Joe Feenin" (joe@servtech.com) 

>    I have been told that the Debian distribution is based on the 2.x kernel
> version.  Is this true?  If so if I buy a recent release of a CDROM set say
> Informagics will it include this release?  I desparately need an actual
> distribution based on the 2.x kernel versions, Ive been told Debian is it. 
> Perhaps you all could tell me if I heard correctly.

Yep, Debian 1.1 is based on 2.0. I know that Infomagick sells Debian 1.1 on the latest Infomagick CD set.
If you can wait a little bit, Debian 1.2 is currently under code freeze and has more and better packages than 1.1 !
For the latest Debian CD source, have a look a http://www.i-connect.net and http://www.i-connect.net/i-connect/services/cdrom.html


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