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Re: X11 bashing

> > I strongly doubt that KDE has the momentum to succeed. It's based on
> > Qt, which is a proprietary standard.  Granted the implementation is
> > delivered 'free for noncommercial use', but I don't see that as a
> > significant difference.  It's still a proprietary toolkit, which will
> > keep the GNU crowd disinterested, as well as making it inappropriate
> > for Debian proper.
> In contrast to motif Qt is fully C++ OO.
> Qt comes with source. Any gpled sw can be distributed with soure or binary
> of Qt.
> Just building proprietary sw without source.. cost money.
> So it is really free and can be well used for gpled sw.

My personal goals include developing GPL'd freeware as well as commercial
software.  So I don't think that I will be using KDE or Qt (even though they
might be very nice).


 - Jim

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