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Re: X11 bashing

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Martin Konold:
> So [Qt] is really free and can be well used for gpled sw.

Well, yes, for some definitions of the word free. Free is one
of those words that everyone likes to define for themselves. For
Debian, the relevant question is whether the package can go into
the main Debian distribution, or whether it should be put into
contrib or non-free. The answer is found in the policy manual,
chapter 2, "Package copyright" (see /usr/doc/dpkg/policy.html):

	All packages in the Debian distribution proper must
	be freely useable, modifiable and redistributable in
	both source and binary form.[1] It must be possible for
	anyone to distribute and use modified source code and
	their own compiled binaries, at least when they do so
	as part of a Debian distribution.

Qt is clearly not suitable for the Debian distribution proper,
since we can't modify it ourselves. It belongs to contrib or
non-free, instead. As it happens, Troll Tech have said it's OK
to put it into contrib. This is good, because then it goes onto
more CD's.

Packages that use Qt can't go into the Debian distribution proper,

	[- - -]
	*  which depend for their use on non-free or contrib packages[2]
	[- - -]

	may only be placed in the semi-supported contrib section
	of the Debian FTP archives (unless they need to be in
	non-free - see above).
This means that in Debian, KDE goes into contrib. Too bad.
There's a number of other toolkits that could have been used,
such as V.  I don't know about their relative qualities, but
the copyright issue is enough to kill interest in Qt and KDE
for a large number of people.

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