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syslogd woes

First of all, at boot the syslogd either dies or doesn't start, so I have
to restart it by hand once the system is up.

I'm trying to get xconsole to work, so I'm using the following syslog.conf

*.*;cron.none					/var/adm/messages
*.*;cron.none					|/dev/xconsole

and xconsole is started from /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup_0:

xconsole -fg yellow -bg black -cr yellow -geometry 540x120+0+0 -fn fixed \
        -exitOnFail -daemon -notify -file /dev/xconsole

Syslog then gives me these messages:

Nov 10 12:27:11 hammer syslogd 1.3-0#6: restart.
Nov 10 12:27:11 hammer syslogd: select: Bad file number
Nov 10 12:27:41 hammer last message repeated 24781 times
Nov 10 12:28:41 hammer last message repeated 45698 times
Nov 10 12:29:41 hammer last message repeated 42347 times
Nov 10 12:30:10 hammer last message repeated 21157 times

Any ideas, anyone?

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