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Re: Libc5 woes

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Look at some of the environment variables that are set when root logs in.
> Look especially at $SHELL and $PATH. Type "alias" and see if any well-known
> programs are aliased. These would be set by files like /root/.profile .

You were right.  Ron Murray helped and noted that the paths of root and
su_root consisted of the same directories but were in a different order. 

One of the _directories_ was in fact a file - I had copied a script to
usr/local/sbin when there was no such directory. 

This does show up different behaviour of libc5_5.4 which returns an error
when it finds a bad directory, whereas 5.2 would carry on.  I'll leave
it to the experts as to whether or not this is a Good Thing. 


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