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Re: pppd problems

> > # pon
> > Sorry - this system lacks PPP kernel support       (from pppd, I think)
> Okay, first off... this message is VERY misleading. What this really means
> is that the pppd was denied, and it's assuming that the kernel lacks support
> for it.
> In my case, it was that I was giving it the wrong tty to operate through,
> or something like that. So, if you're fairly sure you've got the support
> loaded, look for other things that could boosh pppd. The first thing I'd
> look at is something locking the tty you're trying to use....

Believe it or not, ppp now works: I ended up installing diald again, and
it started working. I purged diald... it still works!

Let's pray for the future...

-- Mark (puzzled, but very grateful for the help he's received)

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