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Re: pppd problems

> > # pon
> > Sorry - this system lacks PPP kernel support       (from pppd, I think)
> AFAIK is this a 2.0.24 Kernel problem, since others reported that, too.

Ack! <sigh> I wonder why purging diald started it off not working - how
intriguing. Do you know of any work-arounds? Will a different version of
pppd work? I do hope I don't have to change my kernel... (having never
done such a thing before, as I've never run Debian on a particular system
long enough for one to get badly out of date)

If I have to change my kernel version, can anyone suggest the easiest and
most painless way? I guess I'll have to make a new bootdisk, too.

Hmm... off to find a debian-bugs archive, in case anything handy's
there, though I didn't notice anything about this last time I looked.

-- Mark (most of whose experience is still to come, it seems)

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