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Re: Virtual host support for smail aliases?

Hallo Joe Emenaker
> Does smail support virtual hosts for its aliases? For example, would it
> work to have an aliases file like so:
>    postmaster: root
>    webmaster: jdoe
>    info@domain1.com: client1
>    info@domain2.com: client2
> If this isn't supported, does anyone know of any mail trasnports that
> *do* support this?
hmmm smail support these things ....

if you have separate ip# for each virtual host ... read the documentation
in the smail-3.2 source ...

if you only have different names for one ip#.. hmmm ... 
(write me ... I can send you information about it) ... i'll add it to the next 
smail-3.2 debian-release coming next week...

Soenke Lange                     Wohnheim Artillerieweg Netzwerkverwaltung
"I do not fear computers.  I fear the lack of them."
                -- Isaac Asimov

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