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xinitrc, X11, and cpp/GLUT

>>>>> "Fulko" == Fulko van Westrenen <fulko@wtm.tudelft.nl> writes:

    Fulko> On all
    Fulko> Unix/Linux systems I worked on there was a dos-unix
    Fulko> conversion program (todos/fromdos, dos2unix,...) I haven't
    Fulko> been able to find it in Debian. Is this correct?

Check out cr:

glebland:~>cr -h

CR useage: CR option in_file_name out_file_name

where 'option' is + to add CR and - to remove CR.
and 'in_file_name' is the file name of the file to read.
and 'out_file_name' is the file name of the modified file to create.

the output file will have carriage returns either added or removed
from the line feeds at the end of lines.

Dos files have carriage return, *nix ones don't.


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