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Re: XF86Config

Lars Flodman wrote:
> I have a problem i can't get my xwindows to work properly my video card is
> a ATI Mach 64 Praphics Pro Turbo 2mb and my monitor is a MAG DX 17. Does
> anyone have an XF86Config file that works on that configúration. I can get
> it to start when i use the vga16 server but with the mach64 it gets black
> and then all i can do is to restart.
> Please help me ....
> Lars Flodman@midnet.telia.com

First, I'll assume you are running 3.1.2 and that you have mach64
server. You might let Xconfig setup program (don't quite remember the
name) probe your hardware. If you still have problems go manual and
be sure to get your monitor specs handy (hsync, vertical sync etc)
and also your ATI specs (RAMDAC etc)


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