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Re: xinitrc, X11, and cpp/GLUT

>>>> "larry" == "Larry 'Daffy' Daffner" <vizzie@airmail.net> writes:

 larry> Fulko van Westrenen writes:
 -> For one or another strange reason initx fails to read ~/.xinitrc
 -> Does anyone know what the reason can be? All configurations look
 -> normal to me. My .fvwmrc is read without any
 -> problem. /etc/X11/config looks good to me. Do I need to check any
 -> other file?

 larry> First, you should probably be using startx, rather than
 larry> xinit. startx is configured to do things 'right' under the
 larry> Debian system.  Second, does your /etc/X11/config contain the

First startx doesn't seem to be configured to do things 'right' on my
Debian box.  I can start X with xinit but with startx the server just
starts and stops !!! I copied the old slackware .xinitrc and startx


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