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Re: xinitrc, X11, and cpp/GLUT

Fulko van Westrenen writes:
-> 	For one or another strange reason initx fails to read ~/.xinitrc Does 
-> anyone know what the reason can be? All configurations look normal to 
-> me. My .fvwmrc is read without any problem. /etc/X11/config looks 
-> good to me. Do I need to check any other file?

First, you should probably be using startx, rather than xinit. startx
is configured to do things 'right' under the Debian system.  Second,
does your /etc/X11/config contain the line allow-user-xsession? If
not, startx will only allow the system Xsession.

->         Another problem is that I fail to set the background color 
-> for X. xrootcoIor -solid "SteelBlue" (I hape I didn't make a typo here, I'm 
-> not at my machine) doesn't do anything.

This should be xsetroot -solid SteelBlue

->         When I make one shell su root, I sometimes don't get the 
-> cursor back in other the shells when I've done something as root, for 
-> instance firing up a ppp connection, or running ip-up when that 
-> failed (often). The only solution I found is restarting fvwm. Any 
-> ideas?

Sounds like a bug in fvwm.  I seem to remember having problems with
fvwm freezing on me.  About the only suggestion I can give here is to
upgrade to fvwm2.  fvwm is dead, and besides, fvwm2 is much more
nicely configurable.

-> 	I would like to install GLUT (the OpenGL toolbox). For this I need to
-> make a makefile with imake, and imake requires cpp. Unfortunately cpp
-> conflicts with gcc (Debian 1.1.11). Has anyone a suggestion how to
-> solve this problem, or did anyone manage to install GLUT bypassing
-> this problem?

gcc includes cpp, so this should work OK.

-> 	As a last question: On all Unix/Linux systems I worked on there was 
-> a dos-unix conversion program (todos/fromdos, dos2unix,...) I haven't 
-> been able to find it in Debian. Is this correct?

For me at least, todos is in the sysutils package (at least, the one
in unstable)



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