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Re: Fixed! (Re: mgetty isn't answering the phone (ioctl problem))

Daniel Stringfield says he's using dcon scripting to connect to his
isp, and that he's using locking in pppd, and that everyone uses
ttyS3, and that the locks are in the right place, and...

> Actually, MGETTY isn't the one having the problems, its the program I use
> to log into my ISP.
> I use DCON scripting, not 'chat'...
> It adds some cool features...
> It can't open the port when I have mgetty running on that same port.

Then you're not configuring it right.  I just downloaded it and
configured it (see how dedicated I am? :) and it 'worked' with mgetty.

The reason I put quotes around 'worked' is because, according to
dcon's own docs (this is dcon0.96), it doesn't perform locking.  I had
to write my own lock manually, and even then had to pad the beginning
of the lockfile with spaces so mgetty would know it was ASCII, and
finally I didn't bother to get the exact invocation of pppd working
because it was clear that dcon didn't have any problems dialing into
my provider, logging in, and starting pppd.

(My pppd options are set up so all I have to do is type 'pppd' and I
get connected; no dcon scripts, just a working /etc/ppp/options file;
this interfered with final success of my dcon experiment, but the long
and short of it is that dcon didn't have any trouble opening the

NB: If you want to use dcon (and I see no reason why you would;
really, guy, rethink that decision!), you should manually write your
lock using dcon's icky language and tell pppd *not* to use a lock
(because dcon already locked it: pppd's lock attempt will fail).
Don't worry about removing the lock when you're done; mgetty will
eagerly do that for you.

I'd be happy to show you my configurations for dcon, pppd, and
mgetty.  More to the point, I'd be happy to show you my script for
'chat' :)

Pete Harlan

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