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Re: Fixed! (Re: mgetty isn't answering the phone (ioctl problem))

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, Philip Hands wrote:

> > In my experience, I've had to turn MGETTY OFF when I wanted to make an
> > outbound PPP call.  Dunno exactly why.  I can dial out when I have MGETTY
> > running, if I dial out with something like Minicom.
> Sounds like your pppd is not getting its locks right.  Possible causes:
>  1) it has not been told to use locks (``lock'' on the command line or in
>     the options file sorts this out)
That's done...

>  2) You may be mixing /dev/ttyS? with /dev/cua? devices --- mgetty doesn't like
>     cua's and you should not use them at all on a port that mgetty is using.
Everything uses ttyS3.

>  3) pppd has been compiled to put the locks in the wrong place.  If you run:
>       strings /usr/sbin/pppd | grep LCK
>     you should get  ``/var/lock/LCK..'' --- If not you need a different pppd.
That's ok too..

> A clasic symptom of this sort of locking failure is that you will see mgetty's attempts to reset the modem in the logs of the outgoing chat --- Mgetty doesn't know you're still using its line, so it goes ahead and resets it almost as soon as you start dialing.
Mgetty reports no problems. 

Actually, MGETTY isn't the one having the problems, its the program I use
to log into my ISP.

I use DCON scripting, not 'chat'...
It adds some cool features...

It can't open the port when I have mgetty running on that same port.

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