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Re: Fixed! (Re: mgetty isn't answering the phone (ioctl problem))

> In my experience, I've had to turn MGETTY OFF when I wanted to make an
> outbound PPP call.  Dunno exactly why.  I can dial out when I have MGETTY
> running, if I dial out with something like Minicom.

Sounds like your pppd is not getting its locks right.  Possible causes:

 1) it has not been told to use locks (``lock'' on the command line or in
    the options file sorts this out)

 2) You may be mixing /dev/ttyS? with /dev/cua? devices --- mgetty doesn't like
    cua's and you should not use them at all on a port that mgetty is using.

 3) pppd has been compiled to put the locks in the wrong place.  If you run:

      strings /usr/sbin/pppd | grep LCK
    you should get  ``/var/lock/LCK..'' --- If not you need a different pppd.

A clasic symptom of this sort of locking failure is that you will see mgetty's attempts to reset the modem in the logs of the outgoing chat --- Mgetty doesn't know you're still using its line, so it goes ahead and resets it almost as soon as you start dialing.

Cheers, Phil.

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