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LaTeX problem

As some of you might remember I asked if there were any LaTeX problems
a week or so ago and received a few responses that indicated that
it was working for them.  So I discarded my old reliable 1.2.13
system and installed 2.0.6 with all of the new elf software and 
mostly all is well, except LaTeX is giving me a litttttle problem.

The following sample input  and resulting output demonstrates my
concern.  The line in the output that reads "JL" should be my name
and the next line ("O") should be the date.  Even if I stick a /date
line in the input, I get the "O".  

Would someone kindly run this through LaTeX and see what you get?

I used dvi2tty to generate the output, but since the PostScript
output looks the same, dvi2tty isn't generating the

-----------   input --------
\title{This is the title of a new and revolting development, Version 2.3}  
\author{Jim Lynch}    
This is a test.
------------end of input------
        This is the title of a new and revolting
                 development, Version 2.3
1    Introduction
This is a test.

-----------end of output------------

Jim Lynch, System Engineer,  SGI/Cray Research, Inc. / ARS: K4GVO
Federal Business Systems, Phone: (770) 631-2254, Email: jwl@cray.com
Suite 270, 200 Westpark Drive, Peachtree City, GA 30269

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