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Re: Installation manual and dpkg document available in French

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996 22:22:00 PDT Bruce Perens (bruce@pixar.com) wrote:

> I don't read French, but I think this says the dpkg manual and my installation
> document are available in French under the following URL. I checked the URL
> and yes, that's what it looks like.

Actually, it says:

This the French translation of the Debian 1.1 user manual. This manual is in two parts:
  - Installing the Debian distribution with floppy disks
  - Handling packages with dpkg 0.93.42
This manual is available in HTML format. You can find it at the following address:

I hope this file will help the numerous Debian 1.1 users. For remarks upon this translation, please send email to:

And, no Bruce doesn't take an ending s in French...
Well, I think so.

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