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Re: [Linux-ISP] NCR 825 ctrler

> The 825 has a BIOS...but the 810 based cards do not, and can't be used to
> boot from a SCSI disk unless your system BIOS has the appropriate BIOS
> extensions built in.  Most Pentiums do...but some don't.

I have an NCR810 card...it was in a Packard Bell...I knew nothing
about PCI before (except the slots were different).

The PB bios (and I tried some others in stores) do not have an options
to program the PCI bus...

I put the board in a compudyne Dx4/100, and the bios had some options
to control the PCI bus (i.e. which interrupts were used, which slots
were used, it was all guess work since the documentation just talked about
syntax of the menus, not meaning).

Anyway, I read the PCI howtos and it really didn't talk about this problem,
when I spoke to PB, I was told they only put the machine back into a factory
configuration, any other questions I have to call the $30/call help line.
[I'm going to write them a nastagram, there is NO documentation on this].

The question is:
	Do you have to have a configuration in the bios to use PCI cards?
	I believe they're stupid enough to buy motherboards without
	functioning bioses...
	If not, how do I get around it?

(I also tried win95, it autodetected the card but couldn't get it working;
the linux driver also autodetected the card, but said the IRQ was 255...)

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