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Re: [Linux-ISP] NCR 825 ctrler

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Ricardo Kleemann wrote:

> Would you say the Buslogic is better due to higher cost? I've always 
> heard good things about the NCR controllers relative to Linux, but does 
> the fact that they are _much_ cheaper than the BT or Adaptec mean they 
> are poor performers? Has anyone made any comparisons?

There are definitely some shortcuts taken on the NCR or some bells and
whistles on the Buslogic...depending on how you look at it.  My impression
is that Buslogic has been as helpful as possible with Leonard Zubkoff
writing the Buslogic Linux driver.

The 825 has a BIOS...but the 810 based cards do not, and can't be used to
boot from a SCSI disk unless your system BIOS has the appropriate BIOS
extensions built in.  Most Pentiums do...but some don't.

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