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Re: [Linux-ISP] NCR 825 ctrler

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Ricardo Kleemann wrote:

> Would you say the Buslogic is better due to higher cost? I've always 
> heard good things about the NCR controllers relative to Linux, but does 
> the fact that they are _much_ cheaper than the BT or Adaptec mean they 
> are poor performers? Has anyone made any comparisons?

	The NCR card is cheaper and on a machine which isn't very disk
intensive (and if you really need to save the $80 bucks or whatever) then
I'd go with it.  Buslogics seem to have better driver support under Linux.
I believe the company was very helpful to people wanting to get driver
support under Linux.

	I've used the PCI NCR cards before under 2.0.x kernels with
absolutely *no* problems.  They defnitely don't have performance problems.
I've heard (although I have no first hand knowledge) that the Adaptec 2940
cards were kinda shitty under 1.2 kernels but that's been resolved with


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