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Re: msql doesn't start when I boot

> I installed the msql package and it tries to start itself from a script
> called "run-msqld" in /usr/sbin. The script runs msqld, waits for
> it to exit, mails a crash report to "msql" and then waits 15 seconds
> before trying to spawn it again.
> Well, ever since I installed it, it's been filling my /var/spool/mail
> with crash reports. It seems that, every 15 seconds, msqld fails another
> attempt to bind to its port at 4333. (Yes, I've checked /etc/services and
> /etc/inetd.conf... nothings using that port).
> Funny thing is: if I kill "run-msqld" and then re-run it (as root),
> msqld comes up just fine.
> Any ideas? I figure this must be happening to some other folks since this
> happened to me *right* out of the box. I didn't tweak anything.

I've had problems with 'msqld' not starting due to permission and ownership
problems on the various msql directories.  Perhaps running it as root avoids
those problems.  I believe it runs as 'msql' when started at bootup.

Try purging the package and then manually deleting all directories that
dpkg couldn't.  Sometimes there are extra files around that don't allow
directories to be removed, and if they are not deleted then the re-install
won't change the permissions/ownership.

Then, re-install it from scratch.
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