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msql doesn't start when I boot

I installed the msql package and it tries to start itself from a script
called "run-msqld" in /usr/sbin. The script runs msqld, waits for
it to exit, mails a crash report to "msql" and then waits 15 seconds
before trying to spawn it again.

Well, ever since I installed it, it's been filling my /var/spool/mail 
with crash reports. It seems that, every 15 seconds, msqld fails another
attempt to bind to its port at 4333. (Yes, I've checked /etc/services and
/etc/inetd.conf... nothings using that port).

Funny thing is: if I kill "run-msqld" and then re-run it (as root),
msqld comes up just fine. 

Any ideas? I figure this must be happening to some other folks since this
happened to me *right* out of the box. I didn't tweak anything.

- Joe

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