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Installing Debian GNU/Linux


I am a high school student in Toronto, Canada who would dearly like to
learn unix and unix programming.  After surveying all available
distributions on the Internet, I chose Debian's as the most complete
and technically perfect.  Alas, I have some problems.  I have just
downloaded the 5 disk installation set and am ready to setup my 486,
120 MB HD, 4 MB ram, for Linux, but I don't have a CD-ROM, so I can't
download all the packages I need.  I have been using UNIX for a year
now, at my ISP (Internet Service Provider), for programming purposes,
but not system setup/admin.  This is what I would like you to help me
with.  I have a fixed IP address service from my ISP and would like to
setup my 14.4kbps modem with Linux on a PPP connection to the internet.
What are the basic packages I need to download and setup to do this?
How would I setup these packages?  From what little I known about UNIX,
I believe after this is done I can then mount a remote NFS site on my
system and then I can run the rest of the installation overnight.  What
I basically need is TCP/IP service via PPP (and general internet
applications that go along with this: mail, ftp, telnet, etc.), and the
ability to do some C/C++ programming with gcc and some perl programming
as well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,

Anjayan Puvananathan				       bk177@torfree.net

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