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tcpip communications not available

     Hello all ...
     I have a strange problem that consistently comes up upon a reboot of 
     two Debian nodes of mine.
        After these nodes reboot (cold or warm) no one can telnet to, or 
     ping ... to them.
     HOWEVER - if I login as any user including root (onto the problematic 
     machines consoles) and ping out to any functional node on my net. The 
     ping session will pause for about 10-15 seconds and then start to 
     communicate with that node getting very reliable timing of 1ms, AND 
     NEVER one problem for the rest of the uptime of that machine.
     At this point any user from any other node will be able to telnet to, 
     ping ... these machine with 0 problems, UNTIL that machine is rebooted 
     (warm or cold) again. The cycle repeats itself...
     I am using a 3com 3c503 card, 486-100mhz, 16mb ram, aha1542c.
     ( a very simplistic setup )
     Any ideas ???
     As always - thanks in advance.
     Keep up the great work !!!

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