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Another smail question or two

Thank you to everyone who responded to my previous questions on smail.

I have a dialup-ppp connection with an Internet Service Provider.  My
usename at the ISP is jhspies while I use js as a username on my own machine
(which is not part of a network).  I call my computer johann.

What happened now was that mail I sent using Elm, had the following addres
in the "from"-field:  js@johann.nis.za.  The correct address is
jhspies@ilink.nis.za. (ilink is my ISP).
Then I reconfigured smail and put ilink in the place of the local host.
That helped a little bit.  Then the adress was js@ilink.nis.za.

Do I have to use the same username on my computer than I use at the ISP?  If
not, how do I correct the problem?  

If I have to change my username on my own computer, which is the best way to
transfer all my present files to the new username?

I am not sure whether mail sent through elm when I was not connected to my
ISP, will be sent automatically when the ppp-connection is established.

I am sending this email-message through my windows-system otherwise you will
not be able to "reply" to my mail with the present problems.

Can somebody help please?

Johann Spies

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