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LaTeX and XFree questions

I'm considering upgrading from my very reliable and perfectly 
satisfactory 1.2.13 system to the new Elf systems, but I need to be
reassured that LaTeX is working OK.  I've seen a number of people
describing problems with LaTeX and almost no answers to them in
the past few weeks.  I have an extremely critical need for LaTeX to
be working and cannot afford to upgrade and have it break.  So
is LaTeX going to work if I upgrade?  Were all of the reported 
problems addressed and resolved?

I'd stay where I am, except I put in a new Diamond 2000 3D PCI 
display card and can't make it work with X at the 1.2.13 level.

That's the second question.  Where might I find out if my new
Diamond card is supported by XFree?  I looked at sunsite and
couldn't find anything that talked about it except the hardware-howto
and it was over a year old, so wasn't much good.  The XFree directories
didn't seem to have any files newer than 1995 either, so where do
I go for that kind of info these days?


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Southeast District, Phone: (770) 631-2254, Email: jwl@cray.com
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