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Re: Getting config from kernel

> I'm trying to get IP aliasing going on my brand spankin' new Debian 1.1
> box. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have been compiled in, nor
> could I find a module for it in /lib/modules/current/ipv4. 

	I just got this working...  Pretty nifty feature if you ask me...

> So, a few questions:
> 1 - Any ideas on how to get ip_alias.o to load?


> 2 - Where is the information generated by "make config" kept? For example,
>     suppose I forgot to compile in *one* crucial driver, and I don't want
>     to go through the grueling Q&A that "make config" puts me through. 
>     Where can I make that one-line change and then go on to "make depend",
>     etc.?

	It's kept in linux/.config .  I believe that make config actually
looks at your current kernel to figure out a default if you don't already
have a .config..  I say this because every time I compile a fresh kernel
it already has 'Y' on the correct network card.  Also, you should be able 
just modify the line or two in that file to turn on ip aliasing, given a 
working kernel source (ie. one that finds your network card.)

Just my $.02


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