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RE: Getting config from kernel

Joe Emenaker wrote:

>Okay, I sent this to the list once already, but I'm not sure it got

I was hoping someone else would answer this, because I only have vague
details in my head. (If we only used Debian at the office...) Can't help
with the IP aliasing, but:

>So, I've resigned myself to recompiling the kernel. However, I'm worried
>that, during the Q&A of "make config", I'll accidentally say "no" to 
>a driver that I need. 
>The way I'd really like to do this is to be able to somehow extract or
>ftp a copy of the config file used to make the stock debian kernel.
>2 - Where is the information generated by "make config" kept? For example,
>    suppose I forgot to compile in *one* crucial driver, and I don't want
>    to go through the grueling Q&A that "make config" puts me through. 
>    Where can I make that one-line change and then go on to "make depend",
>    etc.?
>3 - Is there any way I can extract or obtain a copy of what config was
>    used to generate the 2.0.6 kernel that I'm using?

A file called '.config' is generated at the top of your kernel source
tree, which contains a list of all the selected compilation options from
make config, make xconfig or make menuconfig, in the form


This file will still be there after you've compiled the kernel, so all
you need to do is copy it to a safe location and drop it back in when
you want to generate the same kernel.

Casper Boden-Cummins.

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