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Re: Latex documentation for beginners?


you can find some manuals in the 


there is a manual called guide.dvi

anyway you could look for the latexcook book in starlink home page.

if you want I can send you several manuals.



On Thu, 5 Sep 1996, Johann Spies wrote:

> I relatively new to Linux and totally new to TeX and LateX.
> I downloaded Debian 1.1 and enough of the TeX an LateX-files to get LateX
> running on my computer.  My problem is that the documentation supposes a
> fair degree of knowledge of the philosophy behind TeX and LateX.
> As a tradisional Wordperfect user in a Dos-environment, I do not know where
> to start, how to create and view a document, how to print and I do not find
> anything in the Info-manual that could explain it to me except the reference
> to two books I should read about Latex.  The documentation explains a of
> commands, but there is no introduction to Latex.
> Is there any introduction to LateX available somewhere?  I do not want to
> buy a book (and they are quite expensive here) before knowing enough to
> decide whether I want to use the product seriously.
> Johann Spies

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