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Re: Compile error

J.H.M.Dassen wrote:
> > as86 -0 -a -o bootsect.o bootsect.s
> > make[3] as86: command not found.
> > Any ideas what am doing wrong?
> Nothing. You just don't have a package installed that is required to build
> the kernel:
> bin86 (29 Kb)
> Section: devel
> Version: 0.3-1 Last modified: Fri Apr 26 10:47:00 1996
> Architecture: i386
> Maintainer:
>      Joost Witteveen <joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl>
> Description:
>      Assembler and loader for kernel compilation.
> Depends:
>      libc5
> > BTW I noticed a new vmlinux that is twice
> > as large as my vmlinuz, so am guessing as86 has something to do with
> > compressing vmlinux.
> I'm not really sure. It is needed to build the 16-bit start-code for
> the kernel. After this code is executed, the compressed kernel image
> is decompressed.
> Hope this helps,
> Ray
> --Thanks. Also to Thomas Freina for your responses. I got bin86 and 
intalled it. First time the compile failed again. I then deleted the 
whole source tree and started afresh. This time it worked and generated
kernel-image_2.0.13_Custom.1_i386.deb, which I then installed with dpkg.
However, when I told it to make a boot floppy, I got this:

ioctl(FDGETPRM): No such device.

Anyway I liloed and booted the new kernel. Now my sound doesn't work
in windows 95 anymore.  Scratching head.....


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