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DEBIAN Linux on floppy disks

Hi Debian Linux users:

I am a Linux novice and I have a Slackware Linux distribution installed
on my Toshiba 105CS Satellite, which works fine. I am planning to install
DEBIAN Linux on to my Laptop. Unfortunately I have no CD-ROM drive avail- 
able with this Laptop which make this attempt impossible.
I have one CD-ROM with the DEBIAN Linux distribution on it. As I am able
to run this CD on a Windows-based PC-System WIN95 on a seperat computer I 
thought it might be possible to make floppys, like I did with the 
Slackware distribution. I soon realized that a lot of files are too large 
to fit onto the disk.

Is there anybody out there ...who can give me some advises how I can
solve this problem.

Many thanks to all of you.

Fritz Ilg

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